Visiting mama’s herb pantry

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Call for recipes!!!

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We want your recipes for the Cantry, a performance and shop, taking place in Los Angeles this December. In the Cantry, we’ll have a card catalogue recipe sharing station. Participants, passers-by and shoppers alike will be able to sift through and collect recipes. Each recipe will be printed on an index-type card. Small donations (we’re talking nickels!) will be accepted for the recipes, to help cover our printing costs for this part of the project.

Send recipes to
Please include the following:
1. Your recipe!
2. In 200 words or less, include anything you want about you and/or your recipe and its origins and adaptations.
3. Your name, location, and contact info if you are okay with sharing this information.

To thank you for being a part of this, we’ll send you a subset of recipes from the catalogue. (Or better yet, come by and collect them in person!)

Just like spiced apple butta, baby!

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Fruit butters are different than jams or jellies. They are made by cooking fruit pulp and sugar to a thick consistency that will spread easily, then cooked slowly until thick enough to round up on a spoon. What exactly does “round up on a spoon” mean? We weren’t quite sure, but the end result was delicious and very buttery. Good enough for us pantlers. Thanks, Sebastian Munoz, for the pictures!

Come taste the slight hint of cinnamon and cloves in this sweet, sticky spread.

Things in jars

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(inspiration for The Cantry)

The Cantry is coming!

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We offer home goods in jars made with love by the Cantry pantlers and alchemists. THINK: jams, butters, beers, plants, candies, breads, skulls, herbs, letters, secrets and, light. We make light. And we make light of heavy winter privations by offering our services — a sampling: mustache trims, bottled messages, the search for the perfect recipe, ancient Chinese medicine and healing, on-demand mix taping. Everything is customizable, and everything is deliverable.

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